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Virtual Practice Setup

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Established Policies and Procedures
Practice Communications setup

Professional Virtual
Medical Secretaries

Surgical Bookings
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Diary Management
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Cost effective and efficient means of setting up a private practice

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  • New to private practice, I have had the experience of a traditional set up, before I made the decision to move to a virtual structure. I have found that the only difference in a day to day situation, is that I am simply not co-located with my admin team. I don’t see my supporting team members, but through phone, email and the portable nature of C2C, I can be in contact anywhere and at any time and the team supports the practice and our patients in the same way the traditional practice does; my secretaries speak to and know our patients, care is managed swiftly and professionally and I have the support of multiple, professional medical secretaries who are each trained in my clinical protocols. My patients are well informed through the patient-journey, from their initial appointment to surgery as required, and the team is adept at ensuring that relevant information is received by referrers, my assisting surgeons and anaesthetists, and hospital partners.
    Dr CX
  • I have been dealing with VMSA since its inception and found the billing and invoice process to be prompt and seamless. The statements are concise and well presented for my records. I would happily recommend VMSA to any of my colleagues.
    Dr CS / NSW
  • I recently joined a VMSA a new general surgical practice. The advice given to me by the team at the VMSA was invaluable and the setup process was quick and easy. I was guided through the process of starting practice and the in house IT support is a great resource. For a new practice it is also very cost effective. My practice managers are polite, knowledgeable and I have only had good feedback from my patients. While I am still getting used to clinic to cloud I have been assisted through this process. I would recommend VMSA to other surgeons setting up practice.
    Dr RG / Sydney
  • VMSA has been very impressive. From getting things done quickly and able to help with just about any request…for people who don’t work in the same space as you, they sure feel like they’re right there with you. Also a huge bonus having experienced practice managers on the roster, able to provide some suggestions for those new to private practice.
    Dr EC / Brisbane
  • I recently started using VMSA and have been very impressed with their professional attitude and the polite efficiency with which they represent my practice. Mark and the team obviously are experienced in the medical field and I saw the results almost immediately after switching to VMSA.
    Dr MS / Brisbane
  • I have been extremely happy with VMSA. I have started a private practice with VMSA whilst maintaining a public appointment and I have been extremely happy with the way they have managed my private practice. I often have patients tell me how helpful and friendly the team have been on the phone, which is so reassuring for me, knowing my practice is in good hands. The attention to detail with billing, organising complex lists requiring co-ordination with radiology and multiple sites, has meant I can be much more focused on the clinical work. Also the gentle reminders that my letters are ready, ensures I maintain good communication with referrers. I am very happy to recommend VMSA to any specialist medical doctor. You will be in safe and experienced hands.
    Dr HP / Brisbane
  • VMSA has provided me with the opportunity to start private practice knowing I am in safe hands. Their accessibility, professionalism and integrity have been evident from day one. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.
    Dr CN / NSW
  • I started using VMSA service last year and the transition from my previous traditional practice system and software to VMSA and the software they use (Clinic to Cloud) were quite smooth and easy. I did not have significant problems and there was no interruption to my practice although the time frame to get everything done was quite short. I discussed with Amanda Pinna (VMSA manager) about my previous practice issues and how VMSA could help with the issues. She guided me during the transition process which helped me tremendously and made me more confident using the new system.Having done practice for some years using the more traditional system, I initially was a bit sceptical and worried with remote admin system, how it will affect my practice and how it will have impact on my patients’ perception. However, so far I have no significant issue at all. I found my practice became more professionally managed and more efficient with paperless system. The billing system is also efficient. Amanda and her team are great with patients and my associates (eg day surgery, pathology, hospital, etc), and keep regular communication with me. Amanda has been very resourceful and her continuous support and understanding on variety of issues have helped me to improve my practice on an ongoing basis.
    Dr EP / Sydney
  • Commencing private practice was a daunting thought, but it has been anything but, since I engaged VMSA to run my virtual practice. I compared many companies before choosing VMSA, but it was an easy choice once you realise VMSA offer an all-inclusive service with a simple cost structure that makes running your business a breeze. The policies and procedures they employ were exactly as I would want my practice to be run. I have dedicated staff allocated to my practice who understand my preferences and provide continuity for my patients. My patients frequently comment on how wonderful ‘my staff’ are and this a real compliment to the personalised service that VMSA provide. I am very grateful to Amanda for her assistance in setting up my practice and her clear understanding of how a professional practice should run. Would never hesitate to recommend VMSA for surgeons at all stages of their career seeking a virtual practice option.
    Dr HL / Victoria

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