What is a virtual medical practice?
A virtual medical practice is a business model that allows medical practitioners to run their business remotely. The concept allows doctors to move between various clinic sites, without needing a secretary at each location. Patients will contact your secretary, who is based externally, to organise appointments, make payments and for general enquiries.
How secure is my patient data?
All patient data is stored in the medical software provided. VMSA follows strict patient confidentiality policies as set out by regulatory agencies and only your authorised secretaries will have access to your data.
How much does it cost?
VMSA offers no initial set up costs to make it easier for you to get your virtual practice started. After set up there are ongoing fees and additional services you can take up at an extra cost. Organise a consultation with us to find out more about the cost of our services.
Who will be looking after my practice?
Depending on your requirements, VMSA will appoint one or two medical secretaries to manage the day to day administration of your practice. You will also have access to our management team encompassing operations, business, IT and marketing to assist you with any other practice needs.
How long will it take to setup my practice with VMSA?
Each practice is unique and through our initial consultation process we can determine a mutually agreed timeframe to get your business set up.
Why should I use VMSA?
VMSA offers medical practitioners the support required to start and manage their private practice. Our expert team has years of experience managing medical practices and have the skills and knowledge of running successful medical practices, whilst understanding and catering to the needs of individual doctors.

Our no cost set up means you will be on your way to private practice in no time and our no lock in contract provides the freedom for you to exit our services if you decide you are ready for a physical practice.
How do I get started with VMSA?
To organise a free consultation, please contact us on 1300 019 673 or email info@virtualmsa.com.au.

Contact us for a chat about your virtual medical practice needs.